The Professional Development Phase for Vets
Surgical skills are critical for Veterinary Surgeons
The PDP for new veterinary Graduates:

The Professional Development Phase has recently been implemented by the RCVS to ensure that all of new graduate students achieve a certain standard of veterinary professional development during their first year following graduation. All graduates who licensed after 2007 need to complete this PDP irrespective of where they qualified, recommended that those returning to practice after having a substantial break from work also use the actual PDP program till they are back on stream and also have refreshed their own professional expertise.

The intention of the scheme is to demonstrate that a new graduate student is taking their own professional development seriously, even though it truly is compulsory in the sense that RCVS can not implement actions against towards a graduate who does not enroll, it is likely that recruiters may ask for evidence of involvement as a condition of occupation. This is applicable both to veterinary surgeons as well as veterinary nursing staff (technicians).

PDP and Employment
If you are seeking are employed in either a long term placement or even as a locum veterinarian or registered nurse, you will find a considerably higher chance of finding work for those who have concluded the Professional Development Phase than if you haven`t. An growing number of vet practices are creating this a condition of employment for permanent or locum circumstances.

By participating, the new graduate is indicating a will to develop their skills and knowledge following their degree or nursing exams, and the scheme allows them to more easily identify those areas in which they need more instruction. They are also able to benchmark their own development against the actual improvement of others within their graduation calendar year. Should a person require further helping, the postgraduate dean is appointed when you register in order to guide you during this phase of your professional development.

Your first year as a veterinary surgeon in practice can be particularly stressful, and by participation in the PDP much of this stress is alleviated because you have a mentor to fall back on. Without it, you are on your own, and have no idea whether or not your profession development is satisfactory and maintaining up with others within your graduation 12 months. You might always wonder whether you are developing while you should be.

Assessment of Development
If you are an supervisor, or own or manage a veterinary surgery, the Professional Development Phase enables you to precisely assess the development and capabilities of a recently graduated vet seeking employment. It will also enable you appraise their development during their first year in employment. If you are a graduate, you should be aware of this, and of the advantages the PDP may offer you in terms of your own personal development and also obtaining occupation with a decent vet practice.

There isn`t a action that can be taken if you do not complete the PDP, but you should do so to enroll on the RCVS Modular Certificate. It also seems a clear scheme in which to participate for your own personel long term future. In saying `no action`, it may also be a condition of your own occupation, and so by applying to join the scheme on graduation you will have demonstrated a will that should impress a future employer. In fact, the actual RCVS has recommended that the PSP appraisal program end up being incorporated with the practice staff appraisal system.

The PDP Registration Procedure
If you haven`t already registered after graduation, you should first register for the PDP by emailing to ask for your password. Provide your name, RCVS registration number, contact details, and email address. You will then be given a password and allocated to a postgraduate dean. This is applicable to the RCVS listed vet or veterinary nurse regardless of where on this planet you might have qualified.

You will then be able to follow the schedule and record your progress. Your employer will be urged to help you with this, and add their own assessment of your progress. It will give you and your employer an understanding in to your own strengths and the ones areas where you need further training or practice. The postgraduate dean allocated to you will probably be able to help you proceed through the scheme.

It should take about one year to complete the PDP, some taking significantly less time and some a bit more. It will also be regarded as the first year of your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) which is obligatory for all vets and veterinary nurses.

PDP is designed around the basic competences that the average veterinary surgeon should generally have acquired after a year in practice. The clinical skills and procedures list was developed by the RCVS in discussion with veterinary professionals. The online databases should be utilized to record your own skills, and any comments you or your employer make about your skills and how you need to improve. It is more than just `ticking boxes`.

PDP and Your Future
The Professional Development Phase of a new graduate`s career is extremely important, and could even pre-plan your future career. If you fail to complete the PDP it is unlikely you will progress, but if used properly is a very useful tool to help you assess yourself and know where you require more study or practical training. A good employer should take an interest in your PDP and become actively involved in your development.

You will likely have registered on graduation or qualifying, but if not, then now is the time to do so. If you have moved to the UK to work as a veterinary surgeon or nurse, then you should also register because PDP is required by all new veterinary surgeons and nurses as part of their Continuing Professional Development, irrespective of nationality or where they qualified.

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